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‘Sales Reporting System’ is web based system. This System allowes the Sales Team to report their presenty / work / Daily Activity by filling the data in the forms of the system.

Depending on the Designation of the Employee, there are roles and activities aloocated to each team member.ASM's, TSI's Are reporting to GM. Sales Executives will report to AMS or TSI.

On the Left side of the screen there are links to specific jobs. GM, ASM or TSI's will be allowed to Generate Tour Plan for the Sales Executives.

Every one who wants to access the Sales System will have to log in into the system using their username and password given to them. Without loging in no one can access the Sales System.

As usernames and passwords are unique to each Team member. No one can Change or Delete the Data entered by other members. One can add / change / delete the data entered by him only.

GM, ASM's and TSI's are able to view the Data entered by his team members, but cannot change the data entered by the Sales Executives.

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