Quality and Authenticity is in the DNA of our Brand!

From India’s Largest Wave
Pool & the First Space Trainer
Ride to the Tallest Dosa & the First
Devotional Theme Park ever…

Award winning residential complexes
like Malpani Greens, Vivanta, Cereza etc.,
and upcoming Mega IT Structures – Agile,
M Triumph & M Connect…

Commercial projects, leading windmill
& largest solar power generator, over 110MW
(solar) & 320.65MW (wind), established in major
states like…

Widespread in both the rural and
urban markets, YOHO Namkeen &
candies, Amruta Tea blends…

Malpani Club & Palace with it’s
glamourous Royal Rajasthani Palatial
Architecture, Luxurious Suites, Knowledge
Point (library)…
One of the leading educational institutes
in the country – Dhruv – adopts a unique
teaching pattern that aligns with Howard
Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences…